Naftule band

Naftule is an energetic cocktail of jazz, klezmer, latin and cabaret. Although based in the Netherlands the band line up is very international. Thus a combination of musical styles is a given. Naftule tells stories of these different backgrounds and connects with the audience throughout the concert.

In only 4 years of existence, Naftule has performed in festivals and venues in Asia, America and Europe : Yokohama Jazz Festival (Japan), Festival Internacional Cervantino (Mexico), Jeonju Sori Festival (Korea), Jazzolontia (Spain), Jazz in Het Dorp (Netherlands), Kaamosjazz (Finland), Festival Alles Muss Raus (Germany), Altonale (Germany)...

They have recorded two albums: “El viaje de Naftule” (2016) and "Iodosana" (2018).

Naftule is: 


"Happy, warm, high quality grooving and very professional" 

(Jazzritmit, 2017)

"the music of Naftule is ecstatic" 

(kim hyunjun, 2018)

The composer and leader of this band is the Spanish jazz clarinetist Emilio Parrilla. The fixed musicians of Naftule are: Nadia Basurto (voice), Emilio Parrilla (clarinet)Yoojin Ko (Flute), Bernardo Parrilla(sax), Alessio Bruno (Double Bass) and Guillermo Martin (drums).

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