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Naftule se mueve! We just finished a serie of concerts in Spain and Netherland. It was a pleasure to play with these great musicians for the such nice audience. Thanks to Jazzolontia and Jazz in Het Dorp for the great organisation and trust in Naftule.

The first concert was in Naima jazz club in Sevilla. It was a hot and intensive concert. The audience was part of the music during all the concert and we enjoyed playing "La Calle" with all of them.

In Gibraleon, Jazzolontia Festival, Naftule shared with the audience all the stories. Personally, I enjoyed "Fanfarria de erase una vez". This little musical story became a intensive collective improvisation. The audience appreciated a lot Naftule's energy and their honest interpretation.

For the concert in Jazz in Het Dorp Festival, naftule traveled to Netherland. Naftule is like a chameleon and the band adapted itself to the new environment. This was a special concert for Naftule. It was the first time that we played with singer. Thanks to Isa Bermejo, she dressed the songs with a new energy and beautiful sound, specially in "Hora de Nana". Thanks to Pepe Giralde and Juan Carlos Ordoñez for the great photos.

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