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May in Netherlands

Great concerts in Netherlands. We followed Naftule on the road without questions. Even when we though we were lost, we trusted him.

The first concert was in Murphy's Law in Den Haag. We found many friends in the audience. We played with confidence and the band energy was incredible. We told some new stories like "El pájaro y su paisaje" and the audience enjoyed a lot. We the new stories came a new member of the band, Yoojin Ko on the flute.

The concert in Dizzy jazz Club was a bit more difficult. For a moment we lost the connexion with the audience. But wit the great solos of Nadia and Bernardo and the energetic groove of Alessio, Richie and Syo, we catch their attention again. The end of concert was a authentic party, with everybody screaming with the music.

Last concert of the week was in Rotterdam again, in Paviljoen can het Water. Once more the members of the band showed their professional work. Everybody working together to make possible a difficult concert. It was really nice see in the audience some members of L'Chaim.

Thanks to the amazing musicians of Naftule and to the followers and fans. We are more and more with each concert.

See you in Netherlands again in July in Summertime Festival (Den Haag). We are preparing new music and new stories for you.

Naftule se Mueve!!

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